Again last night you came to me
With tales of the end of your latest romance
Asking how could you possibly bear the pain
With your head on my shoulder
I dried your tears
While assuring you that tomorrow
Someone new would come along
When you were finally comforted
You kissed my cheek
And returned to your world

As I looked around the apartment
Now empty again
I thought of my walks in the park
Watching the couples
Of tables for one
And movies alone
And as I reached for the T.V. Guide
I felt the moisture of a tear
Running down my face

For while some people have
A shoulder to cry on
Is it the destiny of others
That they must cry alone

So often we reach out
And offer that which we have to give
To someone who has no need
Or does not recognize the value of our gift
Thus our gift goes unreceived
Through no fault of our own
And this rejection causes pain

But the real tragedy occurs
When someone comes along
Who has a need for
And recognizes the value
Of what we have to give
But because the memory of rejection
Is still fresh on our mind
We are no longer
Reaching out

I am a collection of characteristics
Both physical and mental
That makes me completely unique
No one else anywhere
Is exactly like me
And I realize that not everyone
Who crosses my path
Will be interested
In what I have to offer

But my strength comes
>From the belief
That Someone

Can and Will
Appreciate me
For what I am

The only acceptance we truly need
Is Self Acceptance
For once we have gained that
The rest should come
And that which does not come
Will not matter

Touch gently the Life
Of your fellow man
For the human heart
Shapes as easily
As clay upon
The potter's Wheel

So often Life
Is not filled
With Love and Laughter
As much as
With Loneliness an Disappointment

But there will be enough
Of those beautiful moments
With very special people
To make it all
Seem worthwhile

It's not easy
This thing called Life
With its broken dreams
And lonely nights
And all the things
That don't work out right

It would be easier
If it came with a script
Of who we were to meet
And the right things to say
And nothing but sunshine
Filling each day

Yes, it would be easier
But it wouldn't be Life

I've noticed a paradox
In this cold world where strangers seldom speak
And Heaven forbid should they ever touch
But on a dance floor when slow music plays
Two strangers can come together
Without questions
Without lies
And while the music is playing
They can express a basic human need
To hold
And be held

And somehow I can't help but believe
That the whole world
Should learn to play
A little more
"Slow Music"

When the music slowed
I crossed the crowded room
And reached out to her
She came without hesitation
Not as a stranger
Who had shared only a smile
She placed her hand in mine
Her head on my shoulder
And her body close to mine
As the music played
I could feel her trembling
>From all the loneliness inside
Yet we never spoke
For there really wasn't anything
That needed to be said
When the song ended
She returned to her world
And I to mine
Now after all the years
I will occasionally close my eyes
And relive those few moments
That we shared

Have you ever noticed
That strangers become uneasy
When silence comes between them
For they immediately start worrying
What the other is thinking

For we usually need
To know someone very well
Before we can feel comfortable
With their silence

As the moon floated across the sky
And twinkled in the ripples in the lake
I sat silently beside you
And tossed pebbles into the water
>From time to time you would squeeze my hand
And rest your head on my shoulder
There was no radio
No television
No pennies for you thoughts

Funny how quickly the hours passed
And how much closer I felt to you
Maybe more often
We should sit down together
And have a good, long "Silence"

I've been touched by the morning sun
That chases the night away
And I've been touched by the gentle words
That love-struck poets say
And I've been touched by the morning mist
Everyone calls the dew
But it all seems more beautiful
Now that I've been touched by you

There is no one
Who can hurt me
Like myself
For I can take a simple statement
And twist it around in my mind
Till my body trembles with pain
And I wonder how anyone
Could be so cruel
To say such a thing

Yes, given enough time
My imagination
Can make the proverbial mountain
Out of a molehill

It seems that Life
Could be compared to a giant jigsaw puzzle
With each person like each piece
Having a place where they fit perfectly
Yet so many in there need to belong
Grab the first place they come to
Then try to make it fit

And because of this
They are never quite in harmony
With their adjoining pieces
Thus they never get to know
The way it was truly
Meant to be

I thought it funny when they asked
If I felt cheated now that I've lost you
For I could have lost you
Only if I had owned you
The way I might own a coin

But you are another person
Traveling through life
And I was lucky just to have shared
A part of your journey

So how could I feel cheated
When there are so many
Who have never known you
At all

I didn't ask for it to be over
But then again
I didn't ask for it to begin
For that's the way it is with Life
As some of the most beautiful days
Come completely by chance
But even the most beautiful days
Eventually have their sunsets

The pain we feel
When someone leaves our life
Is in direct proportion
To the joy they bring
While a part of our life

I won't say I miss you
But my pillow answers to your name now