Life is a time for learning.
We must learn that our Life is as important
as that of any other person on Earth,
but never more important. We must learn
that we have every right to Happiness,
yet it is up to us to find and recognize it.
We must learn that Life is not easy
nor is it permanent, other will come and go,
and often their departure will cause us
pain. We must learn to develop a positive
attitude that can handle Life's
disappointments. And we must learn that
in order to find Love, we must look
inside our own Heart. For if we can't find
it within, we will never find it without.

There is Someone Special
In this World for me
For that's the way I believe
It was meant to be

So I search every face
In the crowd I see
For there is Someone Special
In this World for me

And the only reason I can think of
That she's not here with me
Is she must have turned left
At Albuquerque

There was a time
When my mind had its Freedom
To wander aimlessly through the days
To travel to distant Lands
Or soar among the clouds
And to hold imaginary Lovers
Through the night
But now things have changed
And it seems my mind has been tethered
And can never get too far
>From thoughts of you

Where will I go
When there's no where to go
But away from you

What will I say
When everything's been said
But we're through

What lies ahead
When it all lies behind
But the memories

Will I have the strength
To wipe the tear from my eye
To give one last hug
And whisper "goodbye"

I guess I'll never forget the feeling
For I've known it so many times before
When you said you needed to be honest
And that there was someone else
Also in your life
Then you smiled and held my hand
And assured me that it would never affect
The way you felt toward me

And as you walked away
I realized
We human beings have developed
Some very strange ways
Of saying "goodbye"

If you can just turn
And walk away
And feel there's nothing more
You need to say
And you do not feel a tearing
In your heart

If you can so easily
Forget about me
And all the things
I tried to be
Then I guess there was really no reason
For you to stay

Love can sometimes be like Magic
But Magic can sometimes...
just be Illusion

I don't think it was selfish
That I wanted to be with you
That I wanted to share your laughter
That I wanted to protect you from your fears
That I wanted to be a part of your life

But I admit I had my needs
I needed understanding
I needed someone to hold
I needed someone to talk to

For you can only hold a pillow
For so long
And there's only so much you can say
To a dog

You might have loved me
If you had known me
IF you had ever known my mind
If you would have walked
Through my Dreams and Memories
Who knows what Treasures
You might have found
Yes, you might have loved me
If you had known me
If you had only
Taken the time

Watching you walk out of my Life
Does not make me bitter
Or cynical about Love
But rather makes me realize
That if I wanted so much
To be with the wrong person
How beautiful it will be
When the right one comes along

Today someone asked
If I would like to be able to go back
And change all the things that had gone wrong
In my Life
And although at first
The idea seemed rather appealing
I quickly realized
That the good and the bad are so intertwined
That I couldn't change part
Without changing the whole

A child does not have to be taught
How to be happy
Or the ways of Love

It is fear, hatred, and prejudice
That have to be taught

And from the condition of the World
We can see
That unfortunately
There are some very good teachers