I've never met you
And yet I know you
At least I know much about you
I know you need food
When you are hungry
I know you need shelter
To protect you from the elements
I know you need things to do
To keep you sane
And I know that especially
You need someone

I can't say that I am that Someone
But I am Someone
And if you choose to turn away
Then I guess
We'll just never know

Consider these two quotations

"Never speak to strangers"
"A stranger is just a friend
I've yet to meet"

Which is more beautiful
Which is more often used

Here I go again
Reaching out again
Probably, gonna get hurt again
But at least I've got to try

For somehow it might be
That she has a need for me
And God, I've got to see
Or else I'll never know

So here I go again
Reaching out again
One more time again
But just a little more --

One day as I walked
Alone in the park
Watching the ducks in the water
And the birds in the air
Enjoying the blissful solitude

I noticed a young couple
Walking together hand in hand
And when he stopped
And touched her face
Then kissed her gently

My solitude turned to loneliness

We are born into the World
Like a blank canvas
And each person that crosses our path
Takes up the brush
And makes his mark
Upon our surface

So it is that we develop

But we must realize there comes a day
That we must take up the brush
And finish the work
For only we can determine
If we are to be
Just another painting
Or a Masterpiece

In many cases
Love that blooms quickly
Like Spring's flowers
Knows its seasons
And then fades

But love that grows slowly
Like the tree
Gets stronger and stronger
As the years go by

And yet the world
Has a certain need
For both the flower
And the tree

It's a delicate situation
When two people come together
And one needs a friend
While the other needs a lover

And unless they have the wisdom
To communicate with each other
One will have no friend
The other will have no lover

In your eyes I can see
Your need for me is different
>From my need for you
And the way I hold you
Is different from
The way you hold me

For while I come to you as a friend
You are reaching for a lover
And this difference
Can only cause pain

So when the phone rings
And you find it's not me
And the knock at your door
Happens less frequently

Please realize
That a little pain today
Is better than
a lot of pain tomorrow

I've often wondered
Why I loved you
A love given
With nothing in return
But an occasional smile
And a gentle word
Enough to keep me hanging on
Hoping that Love might grow

And I couldn't help but know
A feeling of relief
When finally it was over

But now I frequently ask myself
Can something be over
That never really began

We should do everything
Within reason
To save a good relationship
But if we are constantly
Trying to save it
It's probably
Not a good relationship

I touched you
And yet I didn't
I held you
But there was no feeling
I knew your name
But never knew you

Yet, when you walked away
I felt a sadness
For all the things
That might have been

Love in our society
Does not work so well
Because so many people
Fall in love with the physical
Then try to accept
What's inside

When you fall in love
With what's inside a person
Accepting the physical
Becomes easy

If you should try
To understand me
Through the eyes
Of your experiences
You only understanding
Will be misunderstanding

For we have walked different paths
And have known different fears
And that which brings you laughter
Just might bring me tears

So if you can learn
To accept me
And the strange things
I say and do

Maybe through you acceptance
You will gain understanding

You have come into my life
Through a door I was afraid
Would never be open again
For many have slammed it
On their way out

So please feel free
To stay as long as you like
But should the time come
That you must leave
Please, close the door gently
As you go

As I lay beside you
And sleep has closed your eyes
Our bodies still warm
from the Loving
I reach out and touch your face
Stroke your hair
And once more
kiss you gently

For in a world
That seems intent
On "Making Love"
I find it necessary
To spend a few moments
"Knowing Love"

Sometimes we have something
Without truly knowing
What we have

Sometimes we hold something
Without knowing completely
What we hold

Sometimes we are given something
Without fully appreciating
What we are given

But that knowledge usually comes
When we realize
What we have lost

The conversation mentioned your name
And someone asked
If I knew you

Looking away
I thought of the times
I had held you --
Sharing your laughter
Knowing your tears
And then without explanation
You were gone

I looked back
To where they were waiting for an answer
And then said softly --
I thought I did"

Someone remarked
That you had only
Brought me pain

I quickly corrected them
That you had only
Brought me joy

And it was the loss
Of this joy
That I interpreted
As pain

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