I speak
Because I know my needs
I speak with hesitation
Because I know not yours
My Words
Come from my life's experiences
Your understanding
Comes from yours

Because of this
What I say
And what you hear
May not be the same

So if you will listen carefully
But not with your ears
To what I say
But not with my tongue

Maybe somehow
We can communicate

Someday I will smile
And find the warmth of my smile
Reflected back to me
Someday I will reach out to someone
And find that I only have to reach halfway
For she will be reaching out to me
Someday I will find
The true meaning of the word Love
That many use so carelessly
Someday I will find
Someone with whom I can share
But for now I must try to know myself
And the world around me
So when the time comes for me to give
I will know the meaning
of my gift

I didn't know her, but she smiled
And form her smile - a warmth
Seeped deep inside me
I knew no words, that I could say
Yet, I think she understood
And in the coldness of that lonely day
She had given more
Than most ever could

I am an idea
Conceived in the mind of the Universe
And interpreted in the minds
of the individuals I meet

Within myself I am constant
Yet I am as ever changing
as the people who interpret me

I can control my actions
But I can not control their thoughts
Therefore, I must do what I think right
And let others --
Think what they will

In my lifetime
I hope to develop

Arms that are strong
Hands that are gentle
Ears that will listen
Eyes that are kind
A tongue that will speak softly
A mind full of wisdom
A heart that understands

There are so many words
Yet there are no words
For when I look into your eyes
No words need to be spoken
And the warmth of your smile
Is a statement in itself
And how could I ever try to explain
The trembling in my body
When I touch your face

There are no words to explain an emotion
So I open to you my mind
That you might walk
Among my Dreams and Memories
Then...and only then
You might understand my silence

Four footprints in the sand
Waves washing to shore
The moon hiding behind fluorescent clouds
A star for wishing
Indentions in the sand of two people huddled close
Silence -- and yet conversation
The chill of the wind blowing in from the sea
Lights on distant ships
Hands --
Holding --
Touching --
Caressing --
The sun awakening across the horizon

Four footprints running in the sand
As if tomorrow could never come
A feeling of Happiness -- deep inside
Living Life

Two footprints in the sand

I am an individual
Completely unique
A composite of everything
And everyone
That ever touched my life
And tho I will not change for you
I cannot be with you
Without being changed by you

Will you love me better tomorrow
Than you have through the night
Or will the early bird of morning
Take you with its flight
Will the sounds of our laughter
With no echo, fade away
Will tomorrow be -- just a memory
Of the love we shared today

Should I hesitate as I speak
Please don't think me preoccupied
For words don't come easily
When one really cares
And too often I evaluate each word
Trying to be anyone
-- but myself
And the fear of rejection
Brings confusion
The confusion brings silence
And my heart prays
That you might hear my silence
-- and understand

Whether it was chance
Or that thing called fate
That brought you to me
I really can't say
And I don't believe
I really matters

For I have been lucky enough
To have the opportunity to hold you
Not just in my arms
But also in my heart

And should the winds of time
Blow hard enough
To take you from my arms
You can rest assured
They will never
Take you from my heart

Many days have come and gone
Since the day you shared with me
It was Our Day
A Red Letter Day for me

We shared much more than just time
Laughter --
Conversation --
Silence --
You gave me reason to smile again
And be excited about tomorrow

Now, when sadness surrounds me
That you were gone so soon
I try to rejoice
That you ever came at all

I've seen it before
And I'll see it again
A couple just hanging on
Even though the words
Are no longer gentle
And the caresses
No longer sincere

But the memories
Of what once was beautiful
And the fear and uncertainty
Of loneliness
Make them cling to each other
Long after good bye
Would be appropriate

Someone asked me
If I had forgotten you
With a moment's thought and a subtle smile
I answered no

No, I haven't forgotten
The years we shared
When you gave to me
And I gave to you
And like everything else in life
Some was good
Some was bad

But to completely forget
Would create a void in my life

So even as I say
I'm over you
I have the strength to choose
Not to forget you

You look in the mirror
At lines that were not there yesterday
And find a couple more hairs turned grey
With a nervous glance at me
You wonder if I notice "Little Things"

Later, as I lay beside you
And sleep has closed your eyes
I think of the way you stroked my hair
And how, before you hung my jacket
You held it close to you

I reach out and take your hand
And with all the love the world has known
I bring it to my lips
For yes, I notice "Little Things"

You came into my life
But not unwanted
You came at a time that I needed
A tender smile
A gentle touch
A woman's company
You came with understanding
For you asked no questions

With loving care
You healed my wounds
And nursed me to health again
Then you watched over me
Till I regained my courage
To face the world again
And in your wisdom you realized
My need to be free
So you tied no bonds

Now each night
Wherever I am
I think of you
Wherever you are
And in my heart I repeat
"Thank you"

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